Payroll total care service

We provide customized payroll service via overall examination of payroll consultants.


We are offering various services such as payroll management, HR&Labor consulting, tax reduction as well as government grants based on accumulated payroll know-how over several years.

Multi Service

Improving service quality via regular customer satisfaction surveys

Differentiated service with mobile pay slip, online employment contract, and so on.

Information Security

Physical security management
Limited access to salary information
Control and management
Regular information protection education
System security management
24-hour professional security management(IDC)
Systematic Security Policy and Personal Information Protection System
ISO(International security standard) certification
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  1. Manufacturing
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  8. Healthcare & Social welfare service
  9. Construction industry etc
Interested service
  1. Payroll services
  2. Evaluating social insurance management
  3. Year-end tax adjustment
  4. Payroll consulting
  5. Tax law related service
  6. 52-Hour Workweek Solution (ETNERS T&A)
  7. etc
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